Adopt the Spring attitude!

Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it the sun and its Good Vibes ! To start this superb new season off right, there's nothing like a detox, a zen boost and some wardrobe renewal.
Smile Yogistas spring is here!
YUJ gives you some advice to welcome this new season as it should. We do good, we feel beautiful and we renew ourselves!
1 - Feeling good:
We eliminate toxins and prepare our "Summer Body" now with C-Juice 's Bikini cure.
2 - Feeling pretty:
With its heated room, the YUJ Yoga Studio is THE place to be to clear your mind, relax and sculpt your dream body in comforting warmth! 💦🕯️🎵
3 - Feeling brand new:
Get rid of your warm clothes to make way for YUJ 's new, sublime URBAN JUNGLE collection! 😍


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