YUJ Recipes


Because we like to pamper you and we love summer, the #YUJteam gives you its healthy recipes!

I - Want to relax? Make yourself a ginger, honey and lemon infusion:

In your YUJ Water bottle, mix 50 cL of filtered water, with 2cm of ginger, 2 tablespoons of organic lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.

II - Do you feel bloated? Choose the lemon, cucumber and mint infusion:

Prepare in your YUJ Water 1 squeezed organic lemon, add half a blended cucumber, 5 mint leaves and 50 cL of water.

III - Finally, eliminate toxins with a mono diet of apples:

In compote, in salad or to eat, say yes to apples! For a day, detoxify yourself by eating nothing but apples.

Remember, a healthy Yogista is a well-hydrated Yogista, so remember to drink!

Do not hesitate to send us your recipes and your healthy tips.

See you soon! 🌞


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