Advice from Yogis

Rééquilibrez vos énergies vitales

Rebalance your vital energies

Hello yogis, You may feel it, this constant fatigue that accompanies your days since the start of the school year... In the fall, the length of the days decreases, the... Read More
Cuisinez comme un chef !

Cook like a chef !

Hello hello, Every year dozens of yogis in search of peace, rest and reconnection to their inner self find us between sea and mountains in Corsica, in the magnificent medieval... Read More
Le bien-être par la lumière, l’infrathérapie !

Well-being through light, infratherapy!

Hello yogis, Everyone knows that infratherapy has been part of our DNA at YUJ since 2017. This method was discovered in Japan by Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa in 1965 who noted... Read More
Imprimés signatures, identité YUJ

Signature prints, YUJ identity

Hello yogis, That's it, here we are, it's fall! A transitional season between the long hot days of summer and the short, dark and cooler days of winter. The earth... Read More
L’union du yoga et du digital.

The union of yoga and digital.

Hello yogis, For this fall, we wanted to talk to you about a subject at the heart of our lives, private and professional… the digital age, and the place of... Read More
Pilates ou Yoga, quelles différences ?

Pilates or Yoga, what are the differences?

Hello yogis, For the start of the school year, we wanted, at YUJ, to set up new infra…Pilates classes! Keeping our DNA, but to diversify the practices, always with the... Read More
Nos recettes locales et de saison pour la rentrée !

Our local and seasonal recipes for the start of the school year!

Hello yogis, Still on vacation or back, ready to go back to working days, or not, we share with you like every last Friday of the month, 8 balanced recipes.... Read More
Saluez notre lune !

Salute our moon!

Hello yogis, Did you know that the eighth full moon of the year will take place this Friday the 12th at 3:36 a.m.? This is the last “Super Moon” of... Read More
Orange, couleur sacrée ?

Orange, sacred color?

Hello yogis, Have you ever thought about the symbolism and the benefits of colors on your body and your mind? The color orange is the most cheerful of the spectrum,... Read More
Conseils & recettes de yogi, été 2022

Yogi tips & recipes, summer 2022

Healthy mania, where this desire to eat better! Our plates of yesterday are nothing like those of today! And for good reason, climate change of course and this desire to... Read More