YUJ, 3 letters that root us in the world of yoga. Yoga is not only experienced in downward facing dog , our leggings are your new denim, made in eco-friendly factories. Whether you are team Beyonce or team Bowie, our yoga is rock and good vibes only ! Our addiction, the feeling good on our yoga mats at YUJ YOGA STUDIOS or at our YUJ YOGA EXPERIENCE retreats. Everything we do, we do it mindfully and with kindness . A state of mind embodied by a yogista passionate about pilou-pilou, who runs on kombucha and avocado.

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YUJ is committed to producing quality clothing while limiting its carbon footprint. This requires transparency and traceability. All our manufacturers have been selected on their quality charter. Most of our products are made in Portugal, in eco-responsible factories. The water we use is recycled and all our materials (excluding organic cotton) come from Europe, in order to limit our impact on the planet as much as possible.

Find the charter containing all of our commitments to the environment below.


We attach great importance to the quality of our products and as an independent brand, we want to limit our impact on the environment as much as possible.
This is why we do not give in to mass production and only offer collections in small series, combining quality and ethics.

The materials are cut in an optimized way in order to allow a maximum reduction of the waste of fabrics and knits. The remaining materials are fully recycled.


Our clothes are made using a verticalized production method: Sourcing of materials, dyeing, assembly... everything is done in the same place in order to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible.


As we know, the textile industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet.

At YUJ, we do everything we can to respect the environment :

  • Sorting and recycling of all waste or fabric scraps from production
  • Recycling of all water used
  • A non-toxic dye made from water, without chemicals


Our manufacturers adhere to our quality charter, we work with them with mutual respect.

We love our customers and our manufacturers.

YUJ is a story of beautiful encounters and we take particular care to ensure that at the top of the production chain:

  • Working conditions are framed according to a quality charter
  • Cleanliness and safety are respected
  • Wages and working hours meet European standards


YUJ is a French brand and we are proud to work every day with many partners from our local economy.


YUJ has considerably reduced the use of plastic in all of its activities and is aiming for a 0 plastic objective by 2020:

- Our clothing packaging will be made of recycled plastics

- We prefer materials other than plastic for our water bottles


OEKO-TEX : This is THE reference label in terms of traceability and toxicity for humans. For a textile to be Oeko-tex certified, it must meet strict criteria, including the absence of allergenic or carcinogenic dyes, the absence or very low level of pesticides, the compatibility of the PH level with sensitive skin, etc. The Oeko-tex label is therefore the one that guarantees the non-toxicity of materials and clothing, a real guarantee of safety for producers and consumers.

GRS - Global Recycled Standard : The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) not only certifies the recycled content of a product but also verifies compliance with environmental and social criteria. Among them, the control of energy and water consumption, the establishment of a waste sorting and management system, the establishment of a social responsibility policy, the control of health and worker safety, and more. For all the requirements in detail according to WeDressFair, see here.

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